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48 Volt Golf Cart Battery 60Ah

Upgrade your golf cart with our reliable 48V 60Ah battery. Enjoy smooth rides and consistent power delivery throughout your golfing adventures. With long-lasting durability and extended use, this battery is the perfect companion for golfing excursions. Optimize your golf cart experience today

Model Number


Nominal Battery Energy


Nominal Capacity


Nominal Voltage




Internal Resistance


Cycle Life

>6000 Cycles

Months Self Discharge


Charge Data

DC Normal Charge Voltage


Charge Mode

0.2C to 58.4V, then 58.4V, charge current to 0.02C(CC/CV)

Recommended Charge Current


Allowed Max.Charge Current


Charge Cut-off Voltage


Discharge Data

Continuous Discharge Current


Allowed Max. discharge current


Discharge cut-off voltage


Working Condition

Charge Temperature

0°C to 45°C(32°F to 113°F)

Discharge Temperature

-20°C to 60°C(4°F to 140°F)

Storage Temperature

0°C to 40°C(32°F to 104°F)

Enclosure Protection Level


Mechanical Data


LiFePO4 Battery

Shell material

Iron shell

Energize Your Ride: Upgrade to a 48V 51.2v 60Ah Golf Cart Battery

Is your golf cart feeling sluggish and lacking range? Revitalize your on-course experience with a powerful 48V 51.2v 60Ah upgrade! This advanced battery technology delivers a significant performance boost and long-lasting power, keeping you riding strong all game long.

Unleash Enhanced Performance:

  • Powerful Acceleration: Enjoy a noticeable increase in acceleration, letting you zip past slower carts and conquer hills with ease.
  • Extended Range: Explore more of the course on a single charge. This 60Ah capacity battery provides ample power for extended play, eliminating range anxiety.

Effortless Maintenance:

  • Maintenance-Free Advantage: Unlike traditional lead-acid batteries, this option requires minimal maintenance. No more topping-up fluids or dealing with corrosion – just charge and ride!

Built for Long-Lasting Play:

  • Reliable Lifespan: Experience longer battery life compared to traditional options. Get more seasons of worry-free golfing enjoyment from your investment.
  • All-Weather Performance: This battery is designed to handle a wider range of temperatures, ensuring dependable performance from balmy summer days to crisp autumn mornings.

Additional Considerations:

  • Voltage Compatibility: Ensure this 48V nominal voltage (actual voltage is 51.2v) is compatible with your existing golf cart system for seamless integration.
  • Professional Installation: While DIY is possible for some experienced mechanics, consider professional installation to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Upgrade to a 48V 51.2v 60Ah Golf Cart Battery and Experience the Benefits:

  • Say goodbye to sluggish starts and conquer the course with newfound power.
  • Enjoy extended range and explore freely without worrying about running out of juice.
  • Spend less time on maintenance and more time enjoying the game.
  • Invest in a battery built for long-lasting performance and reliability.

Take your golf game to the next level. Choose a 48V 51.2v 60Ah Golf Cart Battery today!

48 Volt Golf Cart Battery 60Ah
48 Volt Golf Cart Battery 60Ah
48 Volt Golf Cart Battery 60Ah
48 Volt Golf Cart Battery 60Ah
48 Volt Golf Cart Battery 60Ah
48 Volt Golf Cart Battery 60Ah


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