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5KW Portable Power Station: Lifepo4 Battery Solar Power on Demand

The 5kW Portable Power Station, equipped with a high-performance 48V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery, represents the pinnacle of portable energy solutions designed for a variety of demanding applications, from remote camping trips to critical backup during power outages. This comprehensive review explores the superior features, substantial benefits, and diverse applications of this powerful portable power station.






Inverter Type



Rated Output Power


Output Voltage Waveform

Pure Sine Wave

Output Voltage


Low DC Warning Voltage


Low DC Cut-off Voltage


Low DC Warning Return Voltage


Total Charging Current(Grid+solar)

20A Max.

Bulk Charging Voltage


Float Charging Voltage




Normal Battery Modular

51.2v 100ah

51.2v 50ah

Normal Capacity (25°C,0.2C)

5120 Wh

2560 Wh

Nominal Battery Voltage


Max.Charge Current


Max.Discharge Current


Operation Voltage Range


Operation Temperature




Nominal Input Voltage


Low Loss Voltage

170Vac +7(UPS),90Vac+ 7(Appliances

Low Loss Returm Voltage


High Loss Voltage


High Loss Returm Voltage


Max. AC Input Voltage

265V ac

Nominal Input Frequency


AC Charging Current




Nominal PV Voltage


PV Array MPPT Voltage Range


Max. PV Array Open Circuit Voltage


Solar Charging Current

10A Max.




Overcharge protection Overdischarge protection Overcurrent protection.


<30°C < 40dB (1 meter)

Working Temperature



0~95%( no condensation)

Sea Level(m)







5kW Portable Power Station

Designed to meet the expansive energy demands of modern outdoor enthusiasts and homeowners alike, the 5kW Portable Power Station offers exceptional versatility and reliability. Featuring advanced lithium battery technology and a robust integrated inverter, this unit is capable of powering everything from high-demand electrical appliances to sensitive electronics.

Key Features and Specifications

  • High-Capacity 48V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery: At its core, the power station boasts a 48V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery, renowned for its durability, safety, and efficiency. This high-capacity battery ensures extended operation times and reliable performance under all conditions.

  • 5kW Energy Output: With a substantial 5000-watt output, the power station can handle multiple high-powered devices simultaneously, making it an ideal solution for powering heavy-duty tools, household appliances, and entertainment systems during camping or emergencies.

  • Integrated Inverter Technology: The integrated inverter facilitates the conversion of DC to clean AC power, ensuring compatibility with a broad range of electronic devices and equipment.

  • Portable and Durable Design: Constructed with rugged materials and designed for easy transport, this power station is not only built to withstand harsh environments but also to be conveniently moved from one location to another, ensuring power wherever it is needed.

  • Multiple Charging Options: It supports various charging methods, including solar panels, AC wall outlets, and even car chargers, making it a versatile unit for continuous energy replenishment.

Detailed Functionality and Performance

  • Efficient Power Management: Equipped with a smart Battery Management System (BMS), the power station optimally manages power output, charging, and energy efficiency, enhancing overall battery life and performance.

  • Reliability and Longevity: The use of LiFePO4 battery technology not only enhances the safety of the unit but also offers a longer cycle life compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries, providing dependable power for years.

  • User-Friendly Interface: The station includes an intuitive LCD display and easy-to-use controls, allowing users to easily monitor power usage, battery status, and manage settings for optimal operation.

Applications and Ideal Use-Cases

  • Camping and Outdoor Adventures: Perfect for powering everything from small heaters and cooking appliances to cameras and drones, ensuring that no comfort or necessity is missed, even in the remotest locations.

  • Home Backup Power: Provides a reliable power source during outages, capable of running critical home appliances such as refrigerators, sump pumps, and medical devices, ensuring safety and comfort during emergencies.

  • Event and Project Powering: Ideal for outdoor events or construction sites where power needs are substantial, the station can effectively supply energy for lighting systems, sound equipment, and power tools.

  • Remote Work and Travel: Supports remote work setups or travel adventures in RVs and trailers, offering sufficient power to handle both work-related equipment and leisure electronics.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

Utilizing the 5kW Portable Power Station contributes significantly to environmental sustainability by reducing reliance on fossil fuel-powered generators and promoting the use of clean, renewable energy sources like solar. This transition supports a reduction in carbon emissions and helps foster a healthier planet.

The 5kW Portable Power Station is a formidable player in the realm of advanced portable energy systems, offering significant power capacity, cutting-edge technology, and superior versatility. Whether for extensive outdoor use, critical backup, or heavy-duty applications, it ensures that your energy needs are met with unmatched reliability and efficiency, making it an indispensable tool for modern, eco-conscious individuals and professionals.

5KW Portable Power Station: Lifepo4 Battery
5KW Portable Power Station: Lifepo4 Battery
5KW Portable Power Station: Lifepo4 Battery


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