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AWG Battery and Inverter Cable

Ensure optimal power delivery with our AWG Battery and Inverter Cable. Made from pure copper for superior conductivity and durability, this cable offers reliable performance in demanding applications. Simplify installation and maximize efficiency in your electrical system with our premium cable today!

Optimal Power Transmission

Upgrade your battery and inverter connections with our AWG Battery and Inverter Cable. Crafted from pure copper, this cable ensures optimal power transmission, minimizing energy loss and maximizing efficiency in your electrical system. Experience reliable performance and enhanced power delivery with our premium cable.

Heavy-Duty and Durable Construction

Built to withstand the demands of heavy-duty applications, our AWG Battery and Inverter Cable features a robust and durable design. Constructed from high-quality pure copper, it offers superior conductivity and resilience, ensuring long-term reliability and performance even in harsh operating conditions. Trust in our cable for dependable power transmission.

Flexible and Easy Installation

Simplify your electrical installations with our flexible and easy-to-use cable. With its flexible construction, it allows for convenient routing and connection of batteries, inverters, and other electrical components. Whether you're setting up a solar power system, an off-grid cabin, or a marine application, our cable streamlines the installation process for hassle-free connectivity.

100% Pure Copper!

Terminals: 5/16'' Both Ends.

Length: 1 FT, 1.5 FT, 2 FT, 3 FT, 4 FT, 5 FT, 6 FT, 8 FT, 10 FT.

2 Gauge (AWG) Red & Black (Set)

PVC insulated and professionally cut, crimped & heat shrunk

Lifetime Crimp Warranty

Inverter, charger, or battery cables are great for replacement automotive cables, motorcycle, RV, camper, travel trailer & other vehicle wiring applications, grounding cables, golf carts, car audio stereo amplifiers, solar, power inverters, and many other DC applications.

Positive and negative cables are ideal for car automotive, solar, marine, RV, motorcycle, tractors, golf carts, or power inverter batteries.

Our 2 gauge AWG battery cables are not only sturdy & flexible and feature 665 strands of 100% pure copper cable and lugs pre-assembled on both ends.

AWG Battery and Inverter Cable

Cable Features:

Polyvinyl-chloride (PVC) insulation

90°C MTW – UL & CSA 105°C

  • Voltage rating: Up to 600 volts

  • VW-1 & moisture resistant

  • ROHS Compliant

  • UL Approved

AWG Battery and Inverter Cable

Heat Shrink Features:

  • Shrink ratio: Approximately 3 to 1 at +90°C

  • Operational temp. range: -55°C to +135°C

  • Dielectric strength: 500 V/mil (197 kV/cm)

  • Volume resistivity: 1014 ohm-cm

  • Tensile strength: 1500 psi (141 kg/cm2)

AWG Battery and Inverter Cable
AWG Battery and Inverter Cable


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